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How a Common Over-the-counter Drug Could Put an End to Alzheimer’s Disease

Neuroscientists are suggesting...    if started early enough, a daily regimen of ibuprofen can prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease. By Diane Berardi Gerontologist and Radio Talk show host of Parents Are Hard To Raise Available on demand on iHeart Radio A Vancouver-based research team led by Canada's most cited neuroscientist, Dr. Patrick McGeer, has [...]

How a Common Over-the-counter Drug Could Put an End to Alzheimer’s Disease2018-04-06T16:12:32-04:00

The “Sweetheart” Scam

The "Sweetheart" Scam Listen to Parents Are Hard To Raise Episode 47 where Diane talks with Nationally Recognized Personal Security Expert Anthony Colandro about keeping ourselves and our parents safe from the latest scams both online and off.     Essentially the victim meets a scammer on a singles or dating website who poses as a [...]

The “Sweetheart” Scam2018-02-27T09:02:59-05:00

Get the Most out of Your Parents Next Doctor’s Visit

Doctors visits are stressful for our aging parents.  Medical offices are very busy places today, so even important issues can go unnoticed and undisclosed.  Even if you are there, chances are something important can slip through the cracks.  Based on my 30-plus years in practice, I've created a form for you to use to [...]

Get the Most out of Your Parents Next Doctor’s Visit2018-01-29T13:45:15-05:00

Diogenes Syndrome — Elder Hoarding

Diogenes Syndrome AKA: Elder Hoarding By Diane Berardi, Gerontologist Eldercare Expert   There’s something in our human nature that causes us to want to collect things. Some collect autographs, some collect coins, stamps or other memorabilia. Collecting can be fun. But as we grow older, there’s a chance our innocent pastime can turn into [...]

Diogenes Syndrome — Elder Hoarding2018-01-29T13:41:54-05:00

#31 Taking Chances with Your Parent’s Healthcare?

Good healthcare doesn't happen by chance... A visit to the doctor can be stressful and may often seem a bit rushed, especially for our aging parents.  Because of this, many older patients forget to bring up concerns they may have and doctors may forget to ask if they understand all that was said.  it’s [...]

#31 Taking Chances with Your Parent’s Healthcare?2018-01-26T09:50:42-05:00
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