Good healthcare doesn’t happen by chance…

A visit to the doctor can be stressful and may often seem a bit rushed, especially for our aging parents.  Because of this, many older patients forget to bring up concerns they may have and doctors may forget to ask if they understand all that was said.  it’s a good idea to do a little planning ahead of your visit. Being prepared will help reduce your parents  stress and help their doctor better understand their concerns.

Below is a simple system for better patient/doctor communication that I have perfected over the past 30-plus years in my private practice.   All the forms I use are here for free.

Please make as many copies as you wish and also be kind and share this with others who are caring for their aging parents.  PS… It’s not just for eldercare, either.  It’s a good idea to make it a practice to go through the exercise as part of your doctor’s visits.

Below is printable PDF that you can download and print.  It has all the information discussed on the show and more.  You and your parents can use the forms to better prepare for your next doctor’s visit.  Doing so will benefit you both and ensure better communication between you and your doctor.