#31 Taking Chances with Your Parent’s Healthcare?

Good healthcare doesn't happen by chance... A visit to the doctor can be stressful and may often seem a bit rushed, especially for our aging parents.  Because of this, many older patients forget to bring up concerns they may have and doctors may forget to ask if they understand all that was said.  it’s [...]

#31 Taking Chances with Your Parent’s Healthcare?2018-01-26T09:50:42-05:00

“You Don’t Look Well…”

Remember how Mom could tell you were sick just by looking at you? Scientists are now discovering our mothers might have been on to something… A new study published by the Royal Society observed that humans can spot signs of illness just from a brief glimpse of someone's face, even just hours after [...]

“You Don’t Look Well…”2018-01-25T09:17:19-05:00

Flu Epidemic Alert!

Caregiver Alert: Experts say this year’s flu season could be really bad... and that means potentially more elderly deaths from the illness. The flu is spreading unusually fast this year, and could be the worst in recent history. Experts site two reasons for this: First— an accidental mutation in the virus used to [...]

Flu Epidemic Alert!2018-01-25T09:29:11-05:00
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